• Hong Kong

    General information

    IATA Area : 3

    Capital : Hong Kong (HKG)

    Local Time : GMT+ 8

    Country Code : +852

    Local Currency : Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

    Customs working hrs : 24 hours daily.

    Documentary Requirements

    Commercial Consignments. 

    2 commercial invoices stating CIF and FOB value.

    2 certificates of origin, visaed by Chamber of Commerce required in certain cases.


    Live animals. 

    Live animals (mammals, birds or reptiles) may not be brought into Hong Kong (either to import or fro transshipment /transit) unless a special permit to do so obtained IN ADVANCE from the agriculture ,fisheries and conservation Department.

    Application may be made on a prescribed form (Form AF240).

    If issued, it will normally be valid for 6 months and is good for one consignment only.

    Live animals can only be imported or through Hong Kong as manifested air cargo.

    1. General Terms and Conditions.

    All pets must be transported by the fastest and most direct route to Hong Kong.

    Dogs and cats under 2 months old are not allowed to be imported or transshipped.

    All pets must be carried and caged in a such a way as to ensure humane management at all times.

    A veterinary health certificate from the competent veterinary dated not more than 14 days before departure is required.

    Dogs and cats destined for HKG must be implanted with an identification microchip and its number must be printed on the animal health certificate to identify the animals be rejected and returned or quarantined for a period determined by the Senior Veterinary officer.

    2. Quarantine.

    Group I countries, dogs and cats imported direct from U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii are normally exempted from quarantine subject to full compliance with permit conditions.

    Group ii, dogs and cats imported from the following 40 countries/areas may be exempted from compliance with the permit conditions, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain ,Belgium, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada, Cayman Island ,Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guam, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan ,Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malvadies, Malta, Mauritius, Norway, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Portugal , Seychelles, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei ,The Netherlands, ,U.S.A (continental ),Vanuatu ,virgin Island. There is a possibility that the Rabies-free status or other factors may change in these countries. The above list is subject to ongoing review.

    Group iii countries.

    Dogs and cats imported from countries other than those listed above are subject to minimum of 4 –month quarantine period.

    3. Enquiry.

    Import Control section, Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices.

    4. Overseas Application.

    Overseas applicant may nominate a friend or the transportation agent in Hong Kong to apply special permit on his/her behalf.

    Information required for application for a special permit: a. Name, postal address and telephone/ fax no. of the owner and /agent in country of origin and/ or agent in country of origin and/ or in Hong Kong.

    b. Full description of the pets: species, breed, scientific name, number, age, sex, colour.

    c. Details of transportation: Expected date and time of arrival, carrying Airlines/ Shipping company, flight number/name of vessel.

    d. Other related information.

    5. Endangered species.

    The Hong Kong Government is party to the Washington Convention on the control of trade in Endangered species and exercises strict control over the shipment of live specimens of “Scheduled Species” .No schedule animals should be accepted fro shipment unless a valid export license has been obtained from the country of departure and a valid import licence from the country of import, issued under CITES based local legislation. ‘Endangered species’ include both live and dead endangered species and their parts and derivatives.

    Live endangered species must also be covered by appropriate CITES import/possession Licenses issued by agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department separately. Fees are imposed for such licenses.


    Plant and Plant Material.  

    In order to avoid unnecessary delay in customs clearance of plants on arrival, importers are advised to obtain a plant Import License from Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), plant & pesticides Regulatory Division, Cheung Sha Wan Government offices, Kowloon prior to order for shipment of plants.

    If the plant to be imported is subject to the control of Animals and plants (protection of Endangered species) Ordinance, applicant should comply with the requirements of the ordinance. No plant import License or Phytosanitary Certificate will be required for import of the following items:

    Cut flowers

    Fruits and vegetables for consumption.

    Grains, pluses, seeds and species fro human or animal consumption or fro industrial use

    Timber and timber products including rattan and bamboo

    Dried tobacco and manufactured articles incorporating dried leaves

    Plants produced in and imported from China.

    The import of soil (including earth, sand, clay and peat) is prohibited.


    Arms, ammunition and explosives. 

    Arms and ammunition (incl. any parts or limitations.):

    Import license from Trade & industry Department.

    Written permissions from HK Civil Aviation Department are required .Obtaining such permission will take approximately 14 working days.

    Permission for import must be obtained from Hong Kong police Force before arrival of the shipment. If shipment also contains explosives, permission must also seek from mines and Quarries Division of Civil Engineering Dept.

    All goods must be picked up on the day of arrival.



    Before shipment’s arrival, permission for import must be obtained from mines and Quarries Division.

    All requirements as set out under “Arms and ammunition” must also be met if the explosives are also classified as arms and ammunition.

    All goods must be picked up on the day of arrival.


    Narcotics and Drugs. 

    Import license (issued by the Department of Health Hong Kong) must be obtained before shipment arrival.


    Human Remains 

    Death certificate (with cause of death) and Cremation or Embalming certificate, to be attached to AWB .Prior import Permit from Department of Health, Hong Kong. All documents must be written in English or Chinese.

    Pharmaceutical and Chemical Products

    Agricultural pesticides and pharmaceutical products require import Licence from Trade and Industry Department.


    Medicines and Vaccines. 

    Medicines require import License from Trade and industry Department.


    Meat and Meat Products 

    Import license from Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

    Import must be covered by official Certificate issued at origin, stating that the meat has been inspected ante- and post mortem and has been properly packed under sanitary conditions and its fit for human consumption.



    Food additives:

    Added coloring matter, food containing metals, artificial sweeteners and food containing artificial sweeteners.

    Radio active materials

    Import License from Radiation Health Unit, department of Health.


    Reserved commodities: rice (with or without husks, and milled or unmilled) requires an import licence from Food and Environmental Hygiene Dept.

    Strategic commodities, import licence from Trade and industry Dept. is required. Articles such as military items, chemical and biological warfare agents and precursors. Electronic items for military use , software, for the production of munitions items, nuclear items, nuclear materials, high speed and high density integrated circuits ,high performance computers, semi conductors materials ,sophisticated communication systems, single mode optical fiber ,navigation system and avionics, etc are generally considered to be strategic commodities .


    An import licence must be obtained from the trade and Industry Department prior to the arrival of the goods. Any person who contravenes this regulation shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a fine of HKD 500,000 and to an imprisonment fro 2 years. Airlines should not release any textile products imported into Hong Kong to any person without the production of a valid textile import licence. The licence will be ready fro collection from the trade and industry Department two clear working days after the date on which the application is received ; late applications will be approved only on an exceptional basis ,except fro shipments of commercial samples of no commercial value.

    Ozone depleting substances Import licence from Trade and Industry Department is required fro ozone depleting substances.

     Controlled chemicals; 

    Import authorization (issued by the customs &Excise department) must be obtained before shipment arrival.


    Import of sand exceeding 100kg, require permit from civil Engineering Dept.


    Import and sales of the following substances in Hong Kong are prohibited.

    1. Amosite (brown asbestos )

    2. Crocidolite (blue asbestos)

    3. Substance or item made containing Amosite or Crocidolite

    Unless, the importer, seller, agent or distributor of asbestos can warrant the above substances would unlikely lead to a health risk to the community, and an exec emption is granted by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.

    Pesticides; Import license from Trade and Industry Department is required.

    Smokeless tobacco products;Import permit from Department is required.

    Waste import license from Environmental Protection Department is required.

    Dutiable commodities; Import permit from customs &Excise Department is required.

    Rough Diamonds: Kimberly Process certificate (import) from Trade & Industry Department is required.

    Infectious substances: No person shall knowingly import into Hong Kong any living noxious insect, living pest, any living germ or microbe of diseases or any bacterial culture without a permit in writing from the Director of the Department of Health.

    Optical disc mastering and replication equipment: Import license from customs & Excise Department of Health is required.

    Radio transmitting equipment: Import permit from Telecommunications Authority is required with an exemption granted to holders of Radio Dealers license.



    Counterfeit money, lottery tickets and obscene literature, Equines from Asian countries.