• KQ Repatriation

    About KQ Repatriation

    This is a specialized sensitive priority service that is compassionate in ensuring human remains travel safely as cargo. This service ensures that human remains are treated with utmost dignity plus full and discreet care at all stages. This is an airport - to - airport service.

    Freight Costs

    If the unpredictable happens, getting your beloved deceased home need not be unbearable. Special rates are available to and from destinations in Kenya(Airport to Airport) as below;

    1. NBO -DAR/600USD      7.MBA-DAR/800USD
    2. NBO- EBB/600USD      8.MBA-EBB/800USD
    3. NBO- KGL/600USD      9.MBA-KGL/800USD
    4. NBO- BJM/600USD      10.MBA-BJM/800USD
    5. NBO- ZNZ/600USD      11.MBA-ZNZ/800USD
    6. NBO- JRO/600USD      12.MBA-JRO/800USD

    Domestic Repatriation;

    1. NBO-KIS and vice versa 25,000ksh
    2. NBO-MBA and vice versa 25,000ksh
    3. MBA-KIS and vice versa -35,000ksh

    For more information contact the Cargo sales team on,

    Documents Required

    1. Copy of burial Permit
    2. Letter from Hospital cause of death or Death Certificate
    3. Embalming Certificate from authorized Funeral Home
    4. Copy of Passport/ID of Deceased
    5. Copy of Passport/ID of Shipper
    6. Contact Details of Consignee and ID/Passport number
    7. Letter from Embassy in case of international repatriation

    Package Requirements

    1. Coffin Dimension not more than  200cm x 60cm x 60 cms.
    2. Remains contained in hermetically sealed casket/coffins.
    3. Coffin must then be wrapped in black polythene.
    4. Coffin must be wrapped in sponge all around for protection.

    Important Tips...

    • Advanced booking through KQ cargo to block space